Refusing Declaration

文字: Howl Yuan
網站: 生活在他方


What is the truthmeaning of art? Entertainment? Conversation? Rebelling? Or prediction? It’s hardto give a absolute answer, and the answer changed by different people in differentperiod of life. Here I, after saw sixteen performances, installations, eventsor whatever it call at <Spill: Festival of performance>, like providingsome thought about it.

To tell the truth,I still not quite realize what is live art. As a new born art form in twenty onecentury, more and more people like creating their works by ‘crossover’ with differentfield, at the same time, it become almost impossible to classify the type oftheir works. Therefore, as this experiences bringing to me at Spill, live artis more like the relationship between people who offer perceptions and peoplewho take it. This briefly explanation opens a Pandora’s box, which means youcan do anything. According to those events I saw in Spill (Personally, I preferuse ‘event’ to describe live art works.), it did be everything, some of it Ilike, some of it I feel nothing, some of it piss me off, some of it inspire me,some of it makes me meditate for a long time. Whatever those events give to me,there is one thing confirmed: You have to give up thinking or make a logicalline while you experiencing live art, and try to feel it.

Following this statement,another question emerges: if live art can be anything like life, why should itexist as a art form? What’s the purpose or terminal station of it? For me, liveart give us a platform to exchange idea, interact with different culture or value,and reject to reality. It corresponds the theme of Spill Festival this year:Surrender. We like to use the word ‘surrender’ in negative way, to describe actionturning everything like hope, courage, love into depress, departure, dead. Butreality make us numb, yesterday looks like today, and tomorrow seems notchange: we wake up, we sleep, we walk, we work, we eat, we drink, we live, wedead. When this world paly a factory and people become fruit cans it made,every pedestrian looks like a walking smart phone, is there any possibilitythat the surrender provide us a outlet to escape? escaping this bloody factory?Ifwe magnify the explanation of live art to art, since it’s hard to make a definitionto live art, it progressively form a collective community, a refuge of imagination.

I would not liketo talk details about every event I saw in Spill because feeling is hard tosay, once I transform those feeling into words, there must have a drop: the representationis the representation, in other words, the representation is not whole fact.However, when I finished my weekend and on my way back to Chichester, I wrotedown words below as the end:

‘Yelling andhowling when we lose courage, blazing our generation and waiting for next bloomcome.’